For all of you who are thinking to start scuba diving but still not sure… we prepared 10 main reasons why you should stop thinking about it and start doing it…

  1. You will enter the diving community and will meet positive and friendly people
  2. You will get to know yourself better during your scuba journey, overcome fears from unknown and strengthen your mind
  3. You will escape from everyday crowded and busy days and rest your eyes on the colors of the marine environment
  4. You will explore beautiful underwater habitat and wildlife
  5. You will reveal the history of humanity trapped under the sea
  6. You will learn non-verbal communication that you will use underwater
  7. You will experience the weightlessness
  8. You will be able to help conservation activities by cleaning polluted underwater environment
  9. You will learn to calm down and enjoy the moment…you will, even, use lessons from diving courses in your everyday life
  10. …and, simple…you should start diving because your life will never be the same and you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

We hope it helped to consider scuba diving as your next item on your “to do” list.